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Cloud & Managed Security Services

CST offer cloud & managed security services that meets the needs of your organisation, and aligns with its business objectives.

Cloud & Managed Security Services is good for the bottom line

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. Business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications, and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they’re not properly managed.

Managed Security Services limits the costs of business disruption and data loss by reducing exposure to threats while delivering significant business advantages and lower overall costs.

We can address any specific security task from managing antivirus, to a more comprehensive managed service such as providing early warning and threat detection.

By outsourcing your security monitoring and management you can:

  • Realise the value of existing security technology.
  • Reduce investments in security operations infrastructure.
  • Redeploy basic security operations staff.

Cloud & Managed Security Services recommended:

Access Rights Management

Join us for a 45 minute WebEx to discover the power of 8MAN. 8MAN addresses the fundamental flaws in the traditional approach to user-provisioning, access rights and permissions, effectively bridging the gap between IT and business units (data owners).

Active Directory Health Check

An Active Directory Health Check from 8MAN is a painless way of detecting potential security breaches. Conduct a detailed analysis of your Active Directory and file server environment.

Cloud-Based Vulnerability Management

Join us for a 45 minute webinar to introduce this new Tenable cloud-based platform. With increasing threats and a constantly changing IT landscape, it's more challenging than ever to keep up with identifying vulnerabilities and, more importantly, fix them

GDPR and Access Rights Management with 8MAN

Discover how this 60 minute GDPR WebEx can help your organisation be more prepared for the upcoming changes in regulations.

Penetration Test & Security Assessment

One of the key steps to measure Operational Risk is the need to identify network vulnerabilities. Pen testing and security assessments are ideal tools to improve an organisation's security posture.

Qualys Cloud Platform Suite

Qualys' on demand approach to IT security and compliance enables organisations of all sizes to successfully achieve both vulnerability management and policy compliance initiatives cohesively, while reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Symantec Blue Coat Advanced Web & Cloud Security

Symantec Blue Coat Advanced Web & Cloud Security will protect you against web and network-based threats, enable cloud data protection, and give you flexible business policy control across enterprise and cloud, including web, social and mobile networks.

Symantec DeepSight Alert Services

Symantec DeepSight Alert Services provide early warning of potential security threats. Delivered via email, SMS, voice, fax, and a secure website, these alerts are designed to help your enterprise maintain business continuity and improve adherence to emerging security regulations.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Managed Security Services

Symantec Endpoint Protection MSS (Managed Security Services) is a powerful service that incorporates many different endpoint security elements and modules. It is designed to remove and significantly reduce the resource burdens that a customer has to sustain to ensure optimum performance of Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Web Security.cloud & Email Security.cloud

CST provide Symantec Web and Email Security cloud protection which detect threats, control access and protect users anywhere, whilst safeguarding cloud-based email with threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more.

Symantec.cloud Managed Services with Healhcheck

CST add value to our Symantec.cloud customers to ensure you receive the most from your Symantec.cloud investment. All new customers benefit from a service healthcheck - this to ensure your setup and features of the .cloud Services being utilised to their best ability.

Tenable Nessus and SecurityCenter (with Continuous View)

The Tenable solution provides vulnerability management by detecting and assessing all assets, vulnerabilities, and threats in your infrastructure.