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Securing Office 365

‘Office 365 comes with security as standard, so I don’t need to do anything, right?’


The shift in businesses choosing cloud-based operating systems as opposed to on-premise solutions in recent years has been substantial. With more and more organisations relinquishing their Microsoft Office requirements over to the cloud brings a heightened risk of cyber threats. Microsoft provides Office 365 with built-in security features as standard, However research indicates that businesses are simply not using them correctly, resulting in a rise of security breaches. Additionally Microsoft’s security does not always provide the depth of defence required, meaning the only way for a Business to achieve its acceptable level of risk is to add a complementry 3rd party solution.

Do you want to make the most of these security features in your Office 365 package and discover other ways to ensure you have an extra layer of protection around all of your cloud apps?

For a deeper understanding of our assessments and how they are implemented, download the CST Office 365 Security Assessment PDF.

CST Limited now offer Security Assessments which can transform your Office 365 user experience. Following the assessment, you will gain knowledge on:

  • Managing security risks
  • Productivity security features and identifying gaps
  • Identifying potential security challenges.

The objectives covered during the assessment are:

  • Understanding cloud security objectives and requirements
  • Your Office 365 security readiness
  • Creating a bespoke Office 365 security roadmap for your business.

Once we have a clear understanding of your security standpoint, we will advise on how to get the most from your MS invesntment to reduce risk and where applicable recommend third party solutions which will plug the gaps whilst complementing your current framework.

The workshop comprises of 4 phases; Kick off, Assessment, Education and Roadmap. Once all phases are complete, we will provide you with a Secure Score. This gives you insights into your security position and any pointers to increase your security level.

Use the registration form on this page to sign up to the next WebEx on this service from CST Limited - details of which will be sent to you in due course. Meanwhile, contact our specialist Sales Team to discuss your options for securing Office 365.


Use the registration form on this page to sign up to the next WebEx.

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