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Symantec (aka Broadcom) provides solutions to help enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information.

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Managing your organisation's endpoint security - do you have the dedicated resources that are up to such a huge task? The constant requirements for administration, usage and ensuring optimum performance can be time consuming and sometimes under-prioritised, leaving you wide open to the risk of a data breach. Many IT departments find themselves short on these resource pools, and long for a solution that takes care of their endpoints whilst they're busy safeguarding sensitive data from other threats.

Did you know that CST offer Managed Endpoint Security Services, which can free you from this burden?

Symantec Endpoint Protection MSS (Managed Security Services) is a powerful Service that incorporates many different endpoint security elements and modules. It is designed to remove and significantly reduce the resource burdens that a customer has to sustain to ensure optimum performance of Symantec Endpoint Protection.

‘The Service needs to be dynamic, and able to adapt as quickly as the latest Threats evolve to deliver a safe endpoint’. Sui Man Lo, Technical Services Manager, CST

Why is CST right for this service?

‘Our Managed Endpoint Security Service eliminates the support burdens and the requirement to employ specialised staff, whilst improving the defences against the latest threats.’ Nigel Lewis, CST

  • A recognised Symantec security partner since 2001 and contracted by Symantec UK for professional services.
  • Obtained 'Specialist Partner” status within ‘Enterprise Security’ (Symantec’s category that incorporates the SEP solution).
  • Attained ‘Master Specialist Partner’ status within 'Enterprise Security'. As of January 2013, CST is the only partner to have achieved this within the UK. The 'Master' distinction is Symantec’s categorisation for a Partner that has passed technical examinations and undertaken peer reviews to demonstrate capable consultancy ability.  
  • Approved by Symantec to provide front line support for SEP under the Symantec 'Technical Assistance Partner Programme' (TAPP).
  • Three times winner of the 'Symantec Best Security Partner' awards.

Key features

  • Warranty – money back virus damage warranty
  • Proactive remote monitoring of key SEP events and Malware alerts
  • On-site services for preventive maintenance tasks
  • Malware Out-Break management
  • Remote access of systems for policy and system administration changes
  • Premium telephone technical support
  • Reporting of key system attributes “health check reports”

Key Benefits

  • Best practise industry protection against malware and associated risks
  • Reduced internal support resource costs & burden
  • Enhanced productivity and availability of systems and users
  • Improved data integrity and system confidence

What Our Customers Say About our Managed Endpoint Security Services

'...we can focus our resources on the business and trust in CST to deliver a safe endpoint. We can also tap into their wealth of knowledge across the security landscape and add additional security measures as the need arises.' Leon Das, Desktop Manager at The Press Association - download the full PA Case Study here.

This powerful Service, coupled with the industry-leading knowledge of CST practitioners, incorporates many different endpoint security elements and modules which will reduce resources required to protect the endpoints within your organisation. 

Contact our sales team today should you have any questions regarding our Managed Endpoint Security Services.

Opinion & Resources

Managed Security Services translates to delegating security tasks but not compromising control. In most instances security requires resource and expertise to obtain the maximum return from its investment.

CST can offer you external managed security services, or provide the management, migration and roll-out for inhouse solutions through our consultancy services.

Nigel Lewis