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Symantec Secure Access Cloud

Secure access for the Cloud Generation.

Symantec Secure Access Cloud from CST is a SaaS solution that enables more secure and granular access management to any corporate resource hosted on-premises or in the Cloud. It uses Zero Trust Access principles in delivering point-to-point connectivity without agents or appliances, eliminating network level threats.

Benefits of Symantec Secure Access Cloud include:

  • Improvements to security posture with a Zero Trust Access solution: Helps protect your resources by removing direct network connectivity, and only allowing Zero Trust based access.

  • Reduced complexity with an agentless, Cloud-delivered access solution: Replace your VPN with secure access that’s simple to deploy and easy to manage.

  • Ability to leverage the integrations with Symantec’s CASB solution and DLP solutions for unified data security: Enforce DLP policy on hosted, IaaS and on-premises corporate resources.

  • Access to greater visibility and control of user activity: Helps monitor and log all user actions and apply activity policies to restrict unauthorised or malicious operations.

  • More secure access to your production, staging and development environments: Improve security while enhancing efficiency of DevOps and IT Security teams.

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