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Symantec (aka Broadcom) provides solutions to help enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information.

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Symantec Web detect threats, control access, protect users anywhere.

Symantec Web helps protect your organisation from compromised websites and malicious downloads and allows you to control, monitor and enforce acceptable use web security policies for your organisations users, whether on-premises or away from the office.

Automatically updated anti-malware layers block threats safely away from your network while URL filtering policies and Web traffic quota limits reduce Web misuse and help protect your bandwidth.

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CST managed services include technical support, service wrapper, interim reviews and healthcheck.

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Threat Protection: Advanced Malware Detection

While email is the first vector of attacks, those messages often contain links to malware hosted online; malware can even be served by legitimate websites that have been compromised. URL filtering alone does not provide adequate protection. More often than not, employees will use their company-owned devices to access personal email - opening another uncontrolled attack surface.

Symantec Web prevents malware downloaded from the Internet, whatever the method, from infecting your network. The prevention and detection platforms includes multiple analysis engines that scan all Web requests in real time.

Symantec Email safeguards cloud-based email with threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more.

Block Threats with the Highest Effectiveness and Accuracy

Protect your users from new and emerging threats with the most effective and accurate email security solution.

  • Stop new and sophisticated email threats such as Business Email Compromise and ransomware with multi-layered detection technologies such as advanced heuristics, deep link evaluation, and cloud-based sandboxing
  • Identify the most stealthy and persistent threats through insights from one of the world's largest global intelligence networks, with over 175 million endpoints and 57 million attack sensors in 157 countries
  • Get the strongest protection against spear phishing by using deep link evaluation to stop malicious links before an email is delivered and when they are clicked by users - in case they are weaponized after email delivery

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Symantec Prevents email spam from reaching your network and improves employee productivity by virtually eliminating the need to read and delete unsolicited messages.

Symantec Protects your business from email-borne malware and provides 100% protection from known and unknown viruses. Our email antivirus service ensures only virus-free email is delivered to your mail servers.

Symantec Boundary Ensures the complete confidentiality of email communications and all the information they contain. It achieves this by setting up secure private email networks linking our clients with their nominated partners.

Symantec Content service identifies and controls confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content sent or received by your organisation.

Symantec Image scans email and attachments to identify, control and block inappropriate images from entering or leaving your network.

Symantec Enterprise enables you to confidently address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance, with the ease and efficiency of a cloud-based service.

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Our email has to be absolutely clean - that's why the service is so vital to us. Our business not only relies on communications; our business is communications, since we provide the information exchange medium between job candidates and clients.Corporate Marketing Manager, Synergy Group

No doubt about it, we've had fewer worries since we signed up with the service.IT Development Manager, Cotton Traders

For us the business case is quite simple: why struggle to achieve an expensive virus-free environment internally when you can buy into a service which offers 100% protection at a fixed and predictable cost.Head of Web Development, World Club Travel