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Microsoft Security

The last few years have seen a massive adoption of MS Azure and M365 in the UK, whilst at the same time customers are typically underutilising the available security functions and policy options within MS - we can help.

Microsoft M365 Cyber Security Assessment Tool

  1. Analysing your MS configuration to identify underutilised or misconfigured security functions
  2. Advising on how best to achieve a balance between Security and Productivity

It is not unusual for Microsoft Security enablement to be below 60% of its potential. (This is not a penetration test of your MS environment, although we can provide this as well if needed), this Cyber Security Assessment Tool is more about ensuring you are fully aware of your current Microsoft Security configuration, what’s obtainable, and what improvements can be made.

Microsoft Security Licensing Clinic

The many licensing options that MS have, and continue to evolve, adds complexity to getting the most from your MS Licensing investment.

This is a short 30-45-minute remote workshop where we walk you through your MS licensing with the focus and context of: Cyber Security, Information Protection, Compliance and Governance.  

Just a few of the surprises within Microsoft that are often revealed as part of this exercise are below:

  • MFA with conditional Access - safeguard remote access authentication based granular polices of: their location, their Device’s security state, Access host/App, and Risk score.
  • Azure Information protection (AIP) - a cloud-based solution that helps an organization to classify, label, and protect its documents and emails from accidental and malicious disclosure.
  • Cloud App Security - ‘Shadow IT’ is the risk of unapproved and uncontrolled Apps being used for business purposes; visibility is the first step to managing this risk.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - enrol, provision settings, audit and control mobile devices
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) - manage work data on personal devices.
  • Sentinel - Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) tool to give early visibility of attacks, threats and IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise).

Microsoft Defender for Email & Endpoint Improvement Services

Two of the most used Security solutions within the Microsoft stack, are Microsoft Defender for Email and Microsoft Defender for End-point. Curiously, Microsoft do not offer a best-practice configuration standard for these security solutions; however, we can.

We can help you to understand how these protect your users from external threats, and the least disruptive means to enable protection. From a comparison of the standard and premium protection features, to understanding how to test users’ cyber awareness through attack simulations, our services can aid you to get the most out of your Microsoft investment.

Just a few of the technical features for Microsoft Defender for Email include:

  • Safe Links
  • Safe Attachments
  • Impersonation Protection
  • DKIM
  • Zero-hour Auto Purge
  • Messaging Thresholds
  • Attack Simulation Training

and for Microsoft Defender for End-point are:

  • Defender AV
  • EDR
  • EDR Remediation
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Advanced Hunting
  • Attack Surface Reduction

Need more information?

To register for a 30-45-minute remote workshop for the Microsoft security licencing clinic, or simply to learn more about assessment tools and Microsoft endpoint security, use the below form to get in touch.

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