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At CST, we realise that Covid-19 is affecting everyone’s lives right now, and the priority is of course the health of yourselves and your loved ones. However, at the same time the cybercriminals are using this disturbance in our normal working lives for malicious gain, and the sudden change in new working practices are increasing the risk of data loss.

A relevant advisory about the increase in Covid-19 related cyber threats was recently issued by the UK Government’s NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) which is well worth a read.

  • Staff working at home targeted with bogus phishing threats around Covid-19
  • Remote workstations with weakened security compromising the Corporate LAN
  • VPNs inadvertently leading to sensitive data leaking out from the network domain
  • Relaxation of Cloud application and email security controls, along with their increased reliance resulting in data breaches.

How can we assist?

Remote Security Good Practice - we can schedule a session with you to discuss your concerns, provide practical advice, make suggestions, and answer any questions. A few of the common topics and questions typically raised are:

  • What is your vulnerability exposure?
  • Adapting password policies (number of attempts before an account lockout, duration of lockout, etc.) to protect the LAN.
  • The use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to reduce impersonation access compromise
  • What can you do to protect your internal systems from the increased threats that arise from remote working, without inhibiting business?
  • How do you make sure your staff are using safe and secure machines to access your resources?
  • Would your users know what “secure” means, and does it mean to them what you think it should mean?


Solutions to address specific scenarios

  • Pulse Secure VPN - remote access with built in security controls to prevent a workstation that is compromised or vulnerable from accessing the LAN
  • Knowbe4 - a staff education and training/testing service that ensures your workforce are coached, and made familiar with the latest bogus emails and phishing threats, especially those that are using Covid-19 to bypass your staff’s normal approach to caution.
  • Egress Email - reduce the risk of staff accidentally emailing sensitive data to the wrong recipients
  • Egress Secure Workspace - a safe and secure Cloud collaboration and information sharing service to manage who can access what data, how they can access it, and what privileges apply. Ideal for protected work-flow and information teamworking
  • Netwrix - visibility and alerting of key activity such as: remote access, logon/logoff, file/folder access and privilege usage.
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning - we can test your remote access technology for robustness, along with undertaking remote exploit scanning to ensure your defences are as strong as you think they are.
  • Secure Access Cloud - Helps protect your Network resources by removing direct network connectivity, providing point-to-point application access, and supporting a Zero-Trust based access approach.


For more information on how you can secure your business from cyber threats throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, get in touch with our Specialist Sales Team using the contact form below.