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Splunk Partner


Splunk is a complete information mining and reporting system

Splunk is fast becoming one of the most highly regarded solutions for Log management. (The name incidentally comes from the North American activity that resembles pot-holing). Splunk, allows organisations to centralise disparate and diverse logs for compliance, regulatory and best practise review.

If you would like to know more about Splunk and Log management, please contact us, alternatively we run weekly  40-min webinars if you like a demonstration.

  • IT Search

    Troubleshoot application outages, investigate security incidents and more in minutes, not hours or days. Splunk lets you search and analyze all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real time.

  • Index

    With a variety of flexible input methods, you can index logs, configurations, traps and alerts, messages, scripts, and code and performance data from all your applications, servers and network devices.

  • Search

    Fast, free form search on anything, not just a few predetermined fields. Boolean, nested, quoted string and wildcard searches. No knowledge of specific data formats required. Combine time and term searches.

  • Alert

    Any search can be run on a schedule and trigger notifications or actions based on the search results. And because it works across different components and technologies.

  • Report

    Splunk marries powerful reporting capabilities with the speed, flexibility and scale of IT Search. Search results can be easily summarized as reports with interactive charts, graphs and tables.

  • Share

    Everyone knows IT data is generally poorly documented by vendors, developers and operations staff. With Splunk everyone can add their own knowledge as they go.

  • Scale

    Scale your installation from a single application and just a few data sources to your whole data-centre and thousands of sources.

  • Secure

    Splunk gives you secure data handling, fine grain access controls, audit-ability, assurance of data integrity and integration with existing authentication systems

There are 1 recommended solutions available

Splunk PCI Log Auditing & Compliance

Splunk is a versatile and comprehensive data analysis toolkit. By creating PCI specific searches, filters and reports, we have created a cost effective log collection and analysis tool that helps you meet all of the relevant PCI logging requirements including file integrity assessment.