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» Ashley Madison hack an ‘inside job’
August 25, 2015
A high profile security breach of the now infamous Ashley Madison website has been making headlines in recent weeks, with commentators speculating on the hackers’ motivations. The latest theory is that it involved somebody on the inside.
» 'Invisible ads' destroy battery life & use mobile data
August 25, 2015
Reacting to the security threats we can see is hard enough, but dealing with the ones we cannot presents a bigger challenge. This is the reality for millions of smartphone owners who have invisible apps interacting with invisible ads on their mobile devices.
» How do hackers steal our passwords?
August 24, 2015
If you enter an incorrect password into your online banking account three times, you’ll be locked out. So hackers must be subjected to these same limitations, right? Well actually, no they are not, and this misconception can create a false sense of security.
» Latest Internet security news roundup
August 23, 2015
Ashley Madison hack an ‘inside job’, plus how do hackers steal our passwords? And finally why invisible ads destroy battery life and use mobile data.

About CST

About CST

Computer Security Technology (CST) is a specialist supplier of services and solutions to secure information and system technology.

We have 17 years of dedicated security experience making us one of longest established specialists within the UK.

CST provide security solutions, software development, consultancy services, penetration testing and managed security services for IT departments who are challenged with resources and expertise.

Based on our innovation, accreditation, capabilities, and revenues, CST has been awarded Symantec Security Partner Award, 3 times in a row and was recently granted its 4th specilisation: IT Risk & Compliance.

We are recognised and highly regarded by leading industry vendors, as well as representing niche security solution suppliers.

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