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October 8, 2019

The UKs National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has today announced that IASME have been chosen as the sole accreditation body for the UKs Cyber Essentials (including CE+) scheme for at least the next five years. Up to this point, there were five Accreditation Bodies (ABs) for customers to choose from, namely: Crest, APMG, IRM, QG and IASME, all of whom were licensed by NCSC. This led to a situation where the ABs were interpreting the scheme slightly differently. Subsequently, the Certification Bodies (CBs) working under each AB were, as a consequence, working to different standards.


CST Limited sees this decision as a positive move, as we believe the selection of a single AB will remedy the dissimilar approaches, create harmony amongst the scheme users and improve the quality of the scheme. We are pleased IASME are the chosen AB. They were the original party who helped advise the government on the content of the scheme and have a wealth of experience in helping businesses improve their cyber-security.


Additionally, of course, it is reassuring to us and our clients that as a Certification Body we made the right choice by selecting IASME to be our Accreditation Body provider.


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