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Symantec (aka Broadcom) provides solutions to help enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information.

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Symantec Protection Engine for NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SharePoint

Detect malware and threats that are residing with files stored in these mediums to ensure complete protection.

Once a file becomes infected in Network Attached Storage or SharePoint you effectively end up with a malware propagation engine that will freely migrate out of the store from time to time; maybe affecting customers or your key production systems, and although you may be able to clean up the effects, you will still be left with the root malware hiding in your NAS or SharePoint systems.

Symantec Protection Engine for Web Services

Detect malware as it transferred to/from your website but before it can reside and be processed on your business critical systems: A typical usage scenarios include scanning file transfers originated by your customers to your website. Your policy maybe to scan all file at the perimeter before such files reach your network systems.

Symantec Protection Engine for Web Services would intercept the file as it is being passed to your site, but before it is stored, scan for malware and threats and block and/ or alert accordingly.

New Features

  • The next generation malware detection engine enables Protection Engine to detect unknown, recent, and new threats through dynamic categorisation and advanced heuristics.
  • Enhanced performance and scalability.
  • Provides flexible and powerful control over files that cannot be accurately scanned. For example, encrypted files or malformed containers.
  • Integration with Active Directory for single-sign on.

Key Benefits

  • Provides high-performance scanning of files for viruses, malware, spyrware, worms, and Trojan horses.
  • Easily integrates with third-party NAS devices via ICAP. Delivers statistical and detailed activity reports that can be viewed in HTML or exported to CSV format.
  • Delivers consumption reporting to illustrate how resources are being utilised. Improved alerts allow event triggers to be sent via email or SNMP alerts when a predetermined number of events occur.
  • Central quarantine allows administrators to safely move potential threats to a safe area on a centralized server.
  • Improved logging captures and displays more event details.

Advantages of Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage

  • Leverages the next generation of Symantec threat detection technology.
  • Scalable solution with the ability to run multiple Protection Engine for Network Attached Storage servers in parallel and utilise most popular load-balancing solutions
  • Support for multiple operating systems and mix mode deployment
  • Backed up by the Symantec Security Response organisation

Opinion & Resources

MS Exchange, SharePoint, Network Attached Storage and Web file transfers all allow executable files to be stored and processed, and cannot be scanned by standard antivirus software. This makes these mediums the perfect places for malicious threats to hide within the network and elude perimeter detection, even if the malware is detected by a desktop or server antivirus during file transfer the root cause of the infection will not be neutralised.

Nigel Lewis