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Do you know your vulnerabilities?

You’ve taken stringent steps to ensure your on-premise data is as safe as it can be. But how does your Cloud security compare?

Secure the blind spots in your Cloud Apps such as Office 365 and be confident that your data is as protected in the Cloud as it is on-premise.

You can now analyse your Cloud Security vulnerabilities and uncover risky Cloud App exposures in minutes by deploying a Shadow IT Risk Assessment from Symantec - free of charge!

With the risk assessment, you get:

  1. An inventory of all the sensitive content that has been uploaded and stored in your Cloud apps
  2. A summary of your risky exposures, such as files being shared outside of the organisation or publicly
  3. Identification of risky inbound content shared with employees such as malware
  4. Identification of your riskiest users.

Extend your security

Following the results of your assessment, why not extend your data loss prevention (DLP) everywhere - both on-premise and to the Cloud with Symantec DLP Cloud and Symantec CloudSOC?

Once you’ve adopted the full solution, you can

  1. Discover sensitive data in more than 100 Cloud Apps including Office 365, Box and Dropbox
  2. Reuse existing DLP policies and workflows for Cloud Apps
  3. Optimise performance with DLP detection as a service
  4. Enforce DLP policies everywhere from one unified management console.

For more helpful information regarding CASB, please take a look at these resources from Symantec: CloudSOC + DLP Solution Brief, Gartner Magic Quandrant for Cloud and CASB Business Case Builder.

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