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Soliton Systems

Soliton Systems provide enterprise mobility solutions for managing mobile assets across all operating systems. 

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Enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the Enterprise

DME is a single App to enable secure mobile access to all the Enterprise IT systems the employees need to do their job. DME is a secure container that separates Business & Personal Data.

Product Overview

DME is not just a secure container. It is your entire workplace securely protected on your preferred mobile device. Open the DME app on your device, log in using your AD credentials, and it’s like stepping inside your office – online as well as offline.

Soliton’s secure mobile workplace container is a complete suite of tightly integrated office tools for email, calendar, contacts, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, plus PDF, and other documents in popular formats. Securely access your personal or shared documents stored on your company network or store + secure them within container offline. But it doesn’t stop here. You also have access to your corporate Intranet and all the business applications you use every day.

Enterprise Security

Solitons‘ secure mobile workplace container ensures complete separation of business & personal data + applications:

  • Protects corporate data against data leakage
  • Encryption of data over the network and over the air (data in transit)
  • Built in per-app VPN for business apps, using HTTPS encryption
  • AD, LDAP integrated user credentials
  • Certificate based device authentication
  • Remote wipe of the secure mobile workplace container
  • Single Sign-on to all apps inside the secure mobile workplace container
  • On-premise server without use of NOC (Network Operation Center)
  • Split corporate and personal data within the container

Enterprise Functionality

Complete and integrated suite of enterprise applications inside the Solitons secure mobile workplace container:

  • Enterprise strength email and calendar functionality surpassing that of Active Sync and the built-in native clients that comes with the device.
  • Viewing and editing of documents attached to emails and calendars.
  • Support for encrypted and signed mails and meeting invites.
  • Full suite of office tools for viewing and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and annotation of PDF files.
  • Secure file browser for access to documents on personal and corporate file shares on the company networks or stored locally in the secure mobile workplace container on the mobile device. Download, upload, edit or create new documents on the fly.
  • Secure web browser for access to intranet, web applications, and web sites.
  • Secure HTML5 runtime platform for full support for HTML5 apps, using all the capabilities of the device, such as camera, GPS, and offline storage of data inside the container.


Opinion & Resources

A very impressive feature was one of securing a particular part of the device where a secure silo is created on the device allowing business and personal information to be separated, this works well where staff who own and prefer a device (iPhone for example) and don't want to carry a separate business phone such as blackberry. The IT dept. can provision a silo on the iPphone for business email access that is separate to the user's personal email, the data is kept separate along with specific security policies that are managed by the IT dept. just for the Silo. This makes it really clean when for instance a staff member leaves the business, as it is only the silo and its content that is remotely wiped leaving the personal data intact! Nigel Lewis