Computer Security Technology Ltd

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  • Cyber Essentials

    CST provide the guidance and support required to certify against the standard for the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.

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  • Professional Services

    Services typically for IT departments who are either challenged with resource or need additional expertise. An end to end service, offering as much or as little ongoing support required.

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  • Vulnerability Management & Response

    Vulnerability Management is critical to a security posture, since an organisation could meet security requirements today but compromised tomorrow.

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  • Email & Web Security

    To the end-user, web surfing and emailing feels both safe and anonymous.
    It's not.

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  • Encryption & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Encryption and data loss prevention aim to render information unintelligible so should the device or asset be compromise the underlying information is protected.

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  • Anti Virus & Next Generation Malware Protection

    Anti virus program control allow organisations to protect against malicious code.

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  • Policy Management & Compliance

    Understanding the components that equate and comprise risk, is the first step to a risk management programme.

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