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Our webinars are devised to summarise and put into context the current threat landscape affecting all organisations within the UK. They are specifically designed to keep you up to date with what is going on in the industry, potential risks to be aware of, and solutions that can be applied.

We are currently running regular scheduled webinars on the following topical themes:

  • Security Information and Event Management

    Security Information and Event Management

    Are you 100% sure that you would know that your organisation had been breached, would you know if you were being attacked? Could you quickly understand how, when and where?

  • Cyber Essentials Scheme

    Cyber Essentials Scheme

    This informative 60 minute WebEx provides businesses large and small with clarity on good basic cyber security practice.

  • Cyber Security Threats

    Cyber Security Threats (short video)

    Watch a 3 minute video on what our CST has to say about cyber security threats and what we are seeing out in the industry.

  • Admin & Privilege Account Management

    Admin & Privilege Account Management

    Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, and super-user accounts are the preferred targets for hackers these days.

  • Endpoint Management & Security Suite

    Endpoint Management & Security Suite

    Join us for a 1 hour WebEx to discover how EMSS can work in your environment to offer 'Total endpoint security'.

  • Endpoint Protection

    Endpoint Protection

    Join us for an informative 60 minute WebEx to introduce the key features and technologies that make Symantec Endpoint Protection a game changing approach to endpoint security.