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Securing Office 365 – Who’s to blame when a breach occurs? - July-18-19
A number of recognised bodies in the UK are urging businesses to add an extra layer of security on the perimeter of Office 365. Why? Because, as the cloud app has rocketed in terms of popularity, this in turn has increased the volume of reported breaches or attacks from cybercriminals, due to the level of default security which comes as standard.

Spam and Phishing Threats in Q1 2019 - Tinder, Instagram & Apple - July-02-19
Did you spot any of these prolific phishing and spam scams during the first few months of 2019?

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2019 – Key Findings - July-02-19
Request your copy of Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) which provides an overview of the new threat landscape, including insights into global threat activity, cybercriminal trends and motivations for attackers.

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Check Point Firewall - June-02-19
Could you enjoy “Business as Usual” if your firewall stopped working? Check Point firewall version R77.30 will go end of support in September.  Just 17 weeks away!  All versions prior to R77.30 are already unsupported.  Therefore, we urge customers running on R77.30 or lower to contact us immediately and arrange an upgrade to the latest supported version.

Penetration Testing – the what, when, why and who - May-10-19
Pen testing plugs the gaps for complete security confidence. Data breaches are a very real and frequent occurrence and any attempt to keep your company’s name out of the spotlight for negative reasons is well worth it.

Symantec Security.cloud now available as a managed service with CST - February-11-19
Symantec Web Security.cloud & Email Security.cloud services are now available to customers as a managed services providing technical support, service engagement and assurance.

A question of security standards - September-18-18
The IASME team has recently mapped the IASME Governance standard and assessment.

How do you get the Board on-board for cyber defence? - September-18-18
With the state of cyber-risk, and the position of the businesses to resist and recover from an attack, must at least have upper/executive management representation.

The top 10 data security measures you should adopt now - July-15-18
A new Gartner report reveals how to reduce IT security risk and make an impact on your business.

Nessus Professional v7 - November-26-17
Tenable announces the release of Nessus Professional v7. Find out how it’s new features can benefit your business.

IASME and Sutcliffe & Co hit key landmark in cyber insurance - October-09-17
September significant milestone for cyber security insurance: For the first time in 12-months, over 1000 IASME SME customers were certified with both Cyber Essentials and cyber insurance.

What are cyber security threats? (in under 3 minutes) - August-01-17
Want a quick glance? Watch what our CST Marketing Manager has to say about cyber security threats and what we are seeing out in the industry today.

Symantec acquires Bluecoat, Fireglass and Skycure! - August-01-17
Although the Bluecoat acquisition feels like old news, the Fireglass and Skycure deal has only just been announced. We at CST wanted to take the time to explain them both to you.

Are you confused by GDPR? Get the facts with our FAQ. - July-19-17
With so much noise being created around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it can be very confusing to separate fact from fiction. We at CST are always here to make things simple.

Your complete guide to Privileged Account Management - June-25-17
This ebook download is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to the scale of the threat, the nature of an attack, and how you can secure your organisation.