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Covid-19: How to keep your business safe during the lockdown - April 29, 2020
t’s a cybercriminals playground right now; the mere notion of businesses being forced to abandon their offices and work from home light up the eyes of fraudsters everywhere.

Phishing Awareness Training session - April 20, 2020
With COVID-19, it serves to educate staff and raise awareness throughout organisations regarding cyber security threats and make your staff a key part of your cyber defence.

Pulse Connect Secure Solution - Enabling business continuity in times of crisis - March 18, 2020
We have experienced a recent surge with clients requesting remote access solutions to mitigate for the Covid-19 virus impact. Our recommended solution has always been the “Pulse Secure” option, and remains to be the solution that we encourage clients to invest in, especially in times of economic uncertainty such as we’re currently facing.

Protect data and stop threats with McAfee - November 11, 2019
CST has commenced a new vendor relationship with McAfee, one of today's main players in the device-to-cloud cybersecurity arena.

CST Limited Acquires Cellar Systems - August 1, 2019
Cellar Systems are a Cyber-Security specialist similar to CST. Cellar Systems and CST have worked together over the last 20 years to service their mutual customer needs.

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Check Point Firewall - June 2, 2019
Could you enjoy “Business as Usual” if your firewall stopped working? Check Point firewall version R77.30 will go end of support in September.  Just 17 weeks away!  All versions prior to R77.30 are already unsupported.  Therefore, we urge customers running on R77.30 or lower to contact us immediately and arrange an upgrade to the latest supported version.

Penetration Testing – the what, when, why and who - May 10, 2019
Pen testing plugs the gaps for complete security confidence. Data breaches are a very real and frequent occurrence and any attempt to keep your company’s name out of the spotlight for negative reasons is well worth it.