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HID Global provide authentication and credential management solutions.

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The solution can issue an authentication credential that goes beyond perimeter security.

A smart card or smart token can be used to secure access to individual workstations and servers within the firewall, as well as securing VPN and other remote access use cases. The smart card or token can also be used to encrypt data, hard drives, documents and emails, and for digital signatures.

The ActivID Credential Management System is ideal for:

  • Medium to large enterprises issuing employees with converged access cards or smart tokens for authentication, data encryption and data signing

ActivID CMS it possible to create, manage and use a single PKI smart card for both logical and physical access.

Organisations are able to securely provision PKI certificates and other credentials to a range of different devices, including smart cards, tokens and mobile phones. It is also scalable to millions of credentials in distributed complex environments with multiple user groups. ActivID CMS interfaces with physical access control systems (PACS) to automate the PIV or PIV-I card enrollment process enabling users to use their card to authenticate at the door without the need to re-enroll their card.

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Previously known as ActivIdentity Secure Login.

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