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HID Global Partner

HID Global

HID Global provide secure identify solutions across authentication and credential management.

HID Global is the trusted source for innovative products, solutions and services that help millions of customers around the globe create, manage and use secure identities.

HID Global offers an integrated logical access control portfolio consisting of strong authentication, credential management, and single-credential solutions that enable enterprise, financial services and government customers to meet their security and compliance requirements with the industry’s broadest range of identity assurance solutions.

Enabling customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity when accessing resources on the network, HID Global’s ActivID strong authentication and smart card solutions have been issued to more than 100 million credentials to enterprise, government and commerce customers worldwide.

There are 2 recommended solutions available

HID ActivID AAA Server for Remote Access

ActivID AAA Server for Remote Access provides multi-factor authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) of remote users. It ensures organisations can trust user identities and grant appropriate access to remote networks and applications.

HID ActivID Credential Management System

The solution can issue an authentication credential that goes beyond perimeter security. A smart card or smart token can be used to secure access to individual workstations and servers within the firewall, as well as securing VPN and other remote access use cases.