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Clearswift offers highly innovative content-aware solutions for email and web that meet information protection.

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Data Loss Prevention, Data Leak Prevention, Don’t Lose Productivity, Disney Land Paris! What does DLP mean to you?

DLP means many things to many people, we want to talk about Data Loss Prevention. But what does that even mean?

From physical security of printed information such as printed board papers and computer systems, through to blanket information encryption in various forms and then to content aware DLP, it can feel like a minefield.

By combining new technology with traditional DLP methodology it is possible for even the smallest business to take advantage of a sophisticated solution which is easy to implement and operates at a low cost - protecting the lifeblood of the organisation... iits information.

Adaptive DLP is a significant part of the arsenal that organisations must have to protect their mission critical information. Utilising both context and content aware decision making, coupled with technological innovations such as Adaptive Redaction, a DLP solution can become an enabler to business as well as an enforcer.

In a world where collaboration is increasing, the need for DLP has never been stronger. New functionality such as Adaptive Redaction and distributed operations makes it easier for smaller organisation to implement a comprehensive DLP strategy in a cost efficient manner.

Download today to understand:

  • Why is 'traditional' DLP technology no longer fit for purpose
  • What is Content Aware DLP
  • What are the basic principles and features behind a DLP solution
  • What is the new technology that is being implemented to create the next generation solutions
  • How to design and implement a robust DLP strategy

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Complimentary Resources

CST in conjunction with Clearswift is offering a complimentary risk assessment and trial to help you understand the gaps in your information security system that put your organisation at risk of a data breach. Nigel Lewis