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Is your sensitive data protected?

Whether on premise or in the Cloud, is your sensitive data protected against loss and breach?

A fully comprehensive cybersecurity framework isn’t complete without considering all factors. For example; accidental leakage, disgruntled employees sharing or copying information or trusted third parties who inadvertently expose your data. Organisations need to have an Information Protection or DLP (Data Loss Prevention) strategy alongside their cybersecurity programme to prevent a data breach within their network.

Additionally, as more organisations adopt Cloud services to store data, the challenge of safeguarding information needs to move beyond the network and embrace the Cloud. This is where CASB can help. CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) is a solution that extends your data loss prevention measures to Cloud app usage and data.

Expert round table

CST are offering you the opportunity to speak openly with DLP Experts to ensure your cybersecurity framework is robust enough to prevent data leaks. Please join us for our Round-Table Discussion and Solution Overview of DLP and CASB which will address the issues of data loss on the network and throughout Cloud apps.


Some of the many questions facing IT Security Professionals around data loss that will be addressed during the Round-Table will include:

DLP (on premise data security)
  • What is my valuable information.
  • Where is it stored, and how is it accessed.
  • Is sensitive information being transferred outside the business.
  • I have no method of enforcing an information security policy.
CASB (Cloud Security)
  • How can I use cloud services without compromising data security.
  • The more cloud service Services we use, the higher the Admin burden in managing user access rights.
  • Unapproved cloud apps are being used to share sensitive data.
  • I want Cloud access from anywhere for approved users, but I want centralised control and oversight.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the event or on Symantec DLP/CASB and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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