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Autumn/Winter 2021 Cyber Security Services

We have selected the following services as they provide the means to address the most common issues and threats currently encountered across our customer base.

Exploit Audit - Light

This service gives you visibility into where your External/Internal IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest Internet threats, and provides guidance on how to protect them.

Datasheet Example Executive Report

Test Drive of Cyber Essentials (CE) Basic

The quickest and most cost-effective method of understanding the likelihood of an organisation achieving CE approved status. An assessment of an organisation’s response to the Cyber Essentials question set without registration fees.

Microsoft Secure Score Review

Microsoft is fast becoming a major player in the cyber security and information protection market, however its complexity and enormous portfolio brings risk of: misconfiguration, under-used features and security mismanagement. The Secure Score Review will help an organisation to identify how they could maximise security utilisation and reduce risk.


Cyber Security Awareness Training - Instructor Delivered

Make your staff part of the defence, not the victim.The awareness sessions provide practical tips on recognising email and web threats using real world examples. The approach is to keep the content interesting, relevant and easy to digest, and we even throw in a little humour to stimulate thought processes around potential attacks.


Acredited ce, ce+, & Governance Assessor

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