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8MAN is a fast and effective access rights management solution.

This solution is no longer available. Please review the security objectives or topics, or alternatively contact a security specialist.

8MAN addresses the fundamental flaws in the traditional approach to user-provisioning, access rights and permissions, effectively bridging the gap between IT and business units (data owners), empowering them to meaningfully contribute to your security procedures. 8MAN's unique strength lies in its ability to provide an integrated overview of permissions across your organization, supporting:

  • Active Directory
  • File server
  • SharePoint
  • MS Exchange

The traditional analysis of access rights is limited to determining the current access rights situation. 8MAN Security Monitoring allows the detection of all security relevant activities on the company's network and files servers. This closes a major security loophole: self-assigned access rights intended for data theft no longer fly under the radar. Moreover, particularly sensitive security-relevant directories are monitored on a permanent basis down to the file server, and the individual file level.

It is said that "Complexity is the enemy of Security", and the permissions jungle found on a typical network is just such an example of such complexity, 8man provides immediate visibility and simple control.

What makes 8MAN different?

  • Integrated approach - Many technologies, disparate permissions, varying attributes: Single interface.
  • Bridge the gap between IT and Data Owners - Empower data owners with the ability to review who has access to their data through delegated access and automatically delivered reports.
  • Audit & Compliance - Accelerate internal and external audit procedures with access to a variety of reports and dashboard tools. Modifications to access rights fully logged and easily accessible.
  • Who has access to what? - Quickly identify at the click of a button 'who' in the organisation has access to 'what'. Gain a clear insight as to how your business data is being accessed and modified by employees.
  • Build a strong IDM policy with 8MAN - Only with a clean Active Directory can you establish a robust identity management policy. Identification of authentication errors and key problem areas is significantly easier with 8MAN. You can extract actionable insights to build a solid IDM policy across your organization.

Duration: 45 minutes

Access Rights Management

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