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8MAN is a fast and effective access rights management solution.

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An Active Directory health check is a painless way of detecting potential security breaches. Conduct a detailed analysis of your Active Directory and file server environment.

When it comes to managing & auditing access and active directory rights, there is a distinct lack of appropriate tools and resources available to IT Administrators, in order to provide a fast and simple overview of which users have access to which data.

This uncontrolled growth of access rights leaves a company's critical data unprotected, leading to a security risk with real financial and business impacts.

8MAN is a unique access rights management solution that brings a new level of comfort in handling complex tasks related to user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring - helping businesses establish a robust security framework to successfully minimise exposure to insider threats.

Planning an AD Migration Project or Windows Server Upgrade?

With the recent end of support for Windows Server 2003, typical upgrade projects around Windows servers and the recent interest in Azure, it is important to ensure your AD is in a suitable state of operation prior to migrating. 8MAN can help identify current access privileges, group structures and AD users, to allow you to cleanse expired objects and accounts.

Have an IDM Project Upcoming?

8MAN can also provide invaluable support in IDM projects by delivering dependable and accurate information regarding the actual access rights situation. It allows you to effectively test the gap between what is and what should be.

Do you have internal/external Compliance Requirements?

8MAN functions and reports can be invaluable where legal and regulatory compliance measures need to be adhered to such as PCI, DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX.

Benefits Summary


Visual access rights
Identify and administrate incorrect access rights. 

Minimise risk
Protect sensitive data by limiting access to a need-to-know-basis.


Administrate efficiently
Simple reporting and administration saves time and costs. 

Simplify access rights 
Assign access rights flexibly via role-based templates or even limit them temporarily.


Enable compliance
Use 8MAN as a foundation for compliance and legal requirements. 

Track changes
8MAN requires all changes to be commented and logged.


Automate reporting
Communicate actual access rights to affected parties. 

Incorporate data owners
Delegate responsibilities and processes to help-desk and individual departments.

Opinion & Resources

8MAN brings a new level of simplicity and capability to the complex task of user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring. Its easy-to-use dashboard provides businesses with a 360 degree overview of roles and permissions across Active Directory, SharePoint, file server and Exchange.

This incredibly practical tool can be implemented within just a few hours in virtually any Microsoft system and VMware Vsphere landscape. Contact us for a trial. Nigel Lewis