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8MAN Gold Partner


8MAN is a fast and effective access rights management solution.

Note this solution is no longer available. Please review the security objectives or topics, or alternatively contact a security specialist.

8MAN brings a new level of simplicity and capability to the complex task of user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring. Its easy-to-use dashboard provides businesses with a 360°overview of roles and permissions across Active Directory, SharePoint, file server and Exchange. It has never been easier to control access rights and secure sensitive and valuable company data.

8MAN comes with a wide range of reporting features including customisable reports that provide IT professionals, auditors and non-technical departments with a clear and accurate overview and control of user privileges and access rights. What's more, it drastically reduces the manual effort to achieve this level of transparency and control by up to 90%.
Subsequent benefits of 8MAN are evident during audits. 8MAN actively supports various compliance regulations and enhances an organisation's credibility.

This incredibly practical tool can be implemented within just a few hours in virtually any Microsoft system and VMware Vsphere landscape.

Features & benefits

Organisations deploying 8MAN will experience multiple measurable benefits:

  • Fast deployment of solution (effective within two hours)
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Intelligent search options
  • Instant overview of user access rights and permissions in real time
  • Central overview and control of user privileges across Windows environments
  • Customisable reporting
  • Timely detection of potential security risks
  • Improved security and accelerated audits