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Want higher IT productivity? Get better backup and disaster recovery - February-06-17
When we evaluate the worth of our backup and disaster recovery systems, we typically think in terms of continuity, access to valuable data, inconvenienced customers and lost revenue.

10 Signs You Need To Rethink Your Backup and Recovery Strategy - January-12-17
Data protection is vital for the long-term survival of your organisation so bsinesses must continually review whether their legacy backup and recovery systems are fit for purpose.

Exploit kits take Cyber attacks to the masses: but they’re preventable - December-12-16
Exploit kits are a popular method for criminal groups to compromise victims’ systems, as they provide a stealthy way to infect hosts, they’re automated and they can be rented or sold to other malicious actors.

Yahoo! facing class-action lawsuit following serious security breach - November-11-16
Just two days after Yahoo! admitted that hackers had stolen its database of at least 500 million accounts, two users in San Diego, California, filed the first class-action lawsuit against the company.

UK must be capable of retaliating against cyber attacks - November-11-16
When it comes to cyber security, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP has recommended fighting fire with fire.

Privilged password management - Thycotic - October-16-16
Learn why 62% of breaches are from privileged account abuse. Attend the Webex in November so to avoid your organisation's disastrous consequences.

CST News: The Cyber Defence Edition - October-13-16
There’s that word again, Cyber! But what do we really mean when we talk about “Cyber” and more importantly “Cyber Defence.” This month we cover General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and getting the basic right.

Prove your cyber security best practice to your customers - September-12-16
Cyber Essentials is an unbiased and objective standard introduced by the UK government to address cyber threats. This easily adoptable and prescriptive framework provides UK businesses with two assessment options, to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and reduce the cyber risk by 80%.

CEO fired – what happens when Cyber Attack is missed - July-26-16
The head of aerospace parts maker FACC has been fired after the company was hit by a cyber fraud that cost it some £52 million pounds. The board decided to dismiss CEO Walter Stephan with "immediate effect".

CryptoHitman fix and 'Zero-Day Warning!' ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 Users - July-26-16
CryptoHitman - A fix for the newly rebranded CryptoHitman (formerly Jigsaw Ransomware) has been published. Zero-Day Warning! Ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 Users.

Euros edition - latest security news - July-26-16
This month we cover the latest on Cryptoware, CEO fired – what happens when Cyber Attack is missed, and IT Security Solution Webinars - what’s on?

CST becomes first Symantec partner to achieve 'Master Specialisation' - September-06-11
Symantec has awarded CST 3 solution specialties in enterprise security, endpoint management and encryption, and becomes the only partner to achieve 'master specialisation'.

CST awarded Symantec Technical Assistance Partner Program (TAPP) - March-20-09
CST awarded the prestigious TAPP recognition by Symantec which vastly increases the value of CST

Brexit edition - security news update from CST - July-27-16
Prepare for more cybercrime after Brexit, huge surge in Android ransomware attacks, and top tips for tightening your phone security

‘Prepare for more cybercrime after Brexit’, experts warn - July-27-16
Now experts are warning of something else to be concerned about: cybersecurity. So how might Brexit increase the odds of cybercrime in the aftermath of our departure?