We recognise that not everyone has the necessary resources to address the business-critical issue of cyber security.

What is Cyber Essentials?

The scheme provides a set of five controls that organisations can implement to achieve a baseline of cyber security, against which they can achieve certification in order to prove their compliance. Addressing these five topics and controls eliminate up to 80% of typical cyber threats.

All of the five requirements are recommended as part of the “SANS Top 20” controls, and the ISO27001 standard:

  1. Secure configuration
  2. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  3. Access control & admin privilege management
  4. Patch management
  5. Malware protection


Be secured with CST

How do I minimise internet threats gaining access to my environment and reduce their chances of succeeding?

  • 20 years specialising in information protection and cyber defence
  • Licensed to advise on achieving certification
  • Registered by the IASME to assess and certify
  • Can offer vendor security services if required
  • Qualifying compliant businesses also receive Cyber Insurance (up to £25,000 Cyber Liability Insurance free of charge) as part of successful certification.